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Titania 12

Technical specifications Titania 12

Professional rope semi-static  cuerda_tipo_a.jpg

Type A (EN-1891)


The most robust type A semi-static rope for professional use. It offers an excellent relationship between mechanical features and weight-volume. Thanks to its TITAN SYSTEM manufacturing system and its powerful sheath, it offers safety features far superior to those ropes of similar sizes. It’s very abrasion-resistant and because of this it’s suitable for works such as tree access, slopes …


We should emphasise that this is a type A semi-static rope and that its resistance with an 8 knot is in excess of 22 KN, which means that it can be approved with fall-prevention equipment on flexible anchor lines without the need for stitched terminals.

It is not necessary to soak this rope before use as it factory-shrunk.



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