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Research and development

Around year 2000, an engineers and enterprising young people team started to design and develop ropes with special characteristics that should solve the problems detected by themselves and their environment during their practice. They were guides and instructors in activities such as climbing, speleology and canyoning as well as vertical works professionals.



From all the experience of many years of practice, registered incidents and accidents, material tests...,

KORDA'S rope development has been addressed on making ropes with the following characteristics:

  • Finished ropes at the factory to keep their technical characteristics as much as possible.

  • Factory-shrunk ropes to minimize the metres loss.
  • Complete sheath and core bonding to prevent sheath slippage and accident risk if it breaks.





With all these guidelines in 2002 came out into the market the first KORDA'S ropes, meaning a revulsive in these product's  quality.



Guarantee certificate


KORDA'S certifies that all the products or EPI have a 3 year guarantee period.


There are excluded from the guarantee:

  • The products that are inappropriately stored or kept.
  • The rope's normal wear.
  • The damages produced by wrong use, accidents or malpractice.
  • Any structural modification of the product.





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