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Who are we?

Certificados Kordas


Since the company’s beginnings in 1945, the aim of Korda’s has been to satisfy the demands that the rope market has established at every moment with the greatest possible degree of quality. We have strongly focused on technological research and thanks to significant investment and personal efforts, we have managed to obtain safer ropes manufactured using production processes never seen before.


Alongside this research we have developed a complete Management System which guarantees the excellent quality and homogeneity of our ropes and has earned ISO 9001:2000 certification, as well as the certification necessary to satisfy the Article 11B of EU Directive 89/686/EEC.



During the lasts years, we focused our efforts on developing semi-static ropes with a high level of standard finishing and specific for every use. We have advanced a lot on this field, going always one step forward in relation to other manufacturers.


More recently we have been and we are still working to offer you a range of dynamic ropes more complete and innovative.


Our philosophy is to offer ropes which, in addition to having excellent mechanical characteristics, also present a standard finishing of the highest quality.

Our R+D+I team is continuing its research to enabling you to feel safer and minimize the risks in your activities.


Thanks to the experience built up over some 60 years combined with our constantly updated machinery and, above all, the human resources team at our disposal we have been able to develop a new line of products which we show on this website.




Korda’s is at your service at all times and your suggestions are always welcome; it is you collaboration that helps us continuously improve the products we offer.




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